Networked Artifacts

«products of human workmanship that are interconnected and conversing»

The Internet of Things allows everyday objects to be interconnected. These Networked Artifacts place designers in unknown territory, as the objective is now the design of multiple, interconnected artifacts rather than just a single, tangible object. This shift from object to system calls for new ways of thinking about design and especially for new methods in design education.


The Networked Artifacts Primer is a collection of articles that lay a foundation for the understanding of such interconnected artifacts. The material is targeted towards the use in an educational context and therefore includes several exercises for students.

From one to many


The following is a documentation of courses, workshops, projects and experiments that have been conducted in the context of this project and the associated research.

Workshop DGTF 2015
Physical Computing 2015
Less Screens, more Objects!


This website is a collection of articles, experiments and findings generated in the process of uncovering the term Networked Artifacts as a terminology to describe a design perspective on the Internet of Things. This ideas has been fostered by MA Joël Gähwiler in his master's thesis Less Screens, More Objects, which also led to the creation of the prototyping platform. Currently the topic is investigated further in the research project Basic Interaction Design Methods for Networked Artifacts togehter with Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic.


The project is a joint investigation by the following partners: