Eight objects from the Physical Computing Course were shown in a joint installation by Interaction Design at the Grafik16 exhibition in Zurich. The exhibition took place from the 18th to the 20th of March. More than 7'000 visitors attend the exhibition every year and look at recent works by studios, designers, artists and students.

Full Installation

The selection of objects included: "Scissomat" by Simon Schwarz, "Surface" by Sandro Poli, "Vest" by Armanda Weibel, "Sphere" by Thomas Guthruf, "ExoGlove" by Jannic Mascello, "Brush" by Fanny Schweizer, "Breath" by Simon Häusler and "eLandscape" by Lisa Heierli. A base was custom-built to contain all electronics, the objects, the control box holding the Patcher and the iPad showing the network on


Visitors could connect each of the four inputs to one of the four outputs by plugging a cable into the appropriate slots in the patcher. Values generated by a triggering of the sensor on the input object were then automatically forwarded to the output object. In that way, the interplay between the different kind of input and output objects could be explored directly by the visitor.

Exo Glove Vest

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